#56 Functional Body Workouts with Nick Iadonisi

Nick Iadonisi talks to Wendy and Leigh on the Live to 110 Podcast about how to workout using functional body movements. His goal is to increase the knowledge and mental awareness of improper movement patterns which cause poor posture and workout injuries.


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About Nick Iadonisi

Founder of BioMechanix & Head Trainer

Nic iadonisiNick Iodonisi is a certified personal trainer through ISSA (International Sports Science Association) who has worked with  professional athletes and Olympic gold medal winners. He runs BIO MECHANIX BODY SHOP in van nuys, ca. This is a functional training center with safe and intense workouts designed around perfect form, movement and posture.

Since his childhood, Nick always had an active lifestyle. Sports and anything to get his body in motion were of interest to him. Born and raised no more then a few miles from the Atlantic Ocean in New Jersey, his abrupt cross country move to California seemed to fit perfectly into his adventurous lifestyle.

After his college football career, Nick stormed into the fitness industry ready to learn. Originally certified through ISSA (International Sports Science Association) Nick has furthered his education by intensely studying branches of anatomy, physiology, kinesiology and biomechanics. Traveling the country, attending educational seminars and networking worldwide has helped Nick find his passion and purpose – changing lives.

After working with hundreds of folks ranging from those dealing with weight loss and weight gain, to professional athletes, Olympic gold medal winners, entertainers and elderly, Nick has found his passion in understanding movement and posture. His goal is to increase the knowledge and  mental awareness of improper movement patterns which cause poor posture. There is no doubt in Nick’s mind that he will be the person responsible for reaching millions to help fix their posture and increase their life expectancy.


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