#6 Get Rid of Fatigue and Brain Fog with Dr Lawrence Wilson

Dr. Lawrence Wilson, an expert in Nutritional Balancing Science, discusses how to rid yourself of fatigue and brain fog. He will reveal the underlying causes of these epidemic problems in our society and how to address them by healing the whole body with Nutritional Balancing Science. 


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About Dr. Wilson

Dr. Lawrence Wilson has a medical degree, but works as a nutrition consultant only. For over 30 years, he has specialized in Nutritional Balancing Science, a method of improving health that he originally learned from Dr. Paul C. Eck, a brilliant biochemist and founder of Analytical Research Laboratories, where hair mineral testing is performed to determine a targeted Nutritional Balancing program.

Dr. Wilson currently lives in Prescott, Arizona where he spends most of his time teaching physicians and nutrition consultants about Nutritional Balancing Science.

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