#62 Power Tips for Healthy Women in Leadership with Susan Leahy

Susan Leahy, of ACWAonline.com, talks to Wendy about essential power tips women need to become strong leaders and stay healthy while charging ahead! Learn what you can do to become the healthiest leader you can be.


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About Susan Leahy

Susan LeahySusan Leahy, has been motivating, challenging and inspiring audiences for over 15 years. Susan is a communication specialist whose message revolves around taking personal responsibility for how you choose to show up, communicate and participate in your life.

Susan Leahy is a inspirational speaker and communication specialist whose mission has turned to focus on helping to empower women personally and professionally. Working within organizations made up of predominately women, Susan supports her clients in becoming stronger leaders and better communicators with the goal of living a more successful and balanced life.

Susan’s passion of motivating women, led her to found ACWA, the American Collegiate Women’s Association. ACWA supports the development of collegiate woman across the nation by providing powerful leadership conferences and a networking and community for collegiate women to learn, experience and increase personal confidence.

Susan has a Masters degree in applied behavioral science with an emphasis in coaching and consulting from Bastyr University.

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RR_DVDCoverIn addition to her speaking career, Susan has created www.RobertsRulesMadeSimple.com. Susan works with thousands of boards across the US and Canada teaching them how to use Robert’s Rules of Order as a communication tool to get work done and have more productive meetings.

Although Susan Leahy has been training boards of all types for over 15 years, RobertsRules MadeSimple.com was launched in 2010 so that Susan’s revolutionary way of teaching this daunting material could reach more of the boards that need her help. Working alongside husband and partner Jared Patrick, they have continued to add new products and services ever since. Robert’s Rules Made Simple is already the most popular and #1 rated Robert’s Rules training tool available anywhere!



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