#7 Why Your Pet Should Eat a Primal Diet with Marc Ching

Marc Ching is a human and dog holistic nutritionist, herbalist, and macrobiologist — the curator and mind behind ThePetStaurant.com. The PetStaurant is a company that not only makes fresh organic grass fed pet food, but is a place where animal nutrition, wellness, and prevention is of primary focus.


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Topics covered in this episode:

  • The best diet to feed your pet,
  • Holistic pet nutrition,
  • How conventional dog food is making your dog sick,
  • How your Vet may be making your pet sicker,
  • Causes of pet allergies,
  • Home cooked pet food.

As the lead nutritionist, Marc makes species appropriate meals for both dogs and cats, understanding the anatomy of animals and how their bodies process and absorb nutrients.

“I teach people how to take care of not only of their healthy animals, but when animals are sick. Many people do not know what to expect, or how to handle specific disease associated incidents when they happen.” The PetStaurant provides a free service — a 24 hour free hotline where people can ask Marc for help and seek correct answers to their pet’s health care issues. “Over the years I have become the primary care giver to thousands of animals and their families across the country.”

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