#77 MTHFR Mutations with Shawn Bean


Shawn Bean talks to Wendy about MTHFR mutations and other genetic mutations that interfere in methylation – vital to our detox pathways. When these are interrupted, we build up toxins and heavy metals that make us sick, cause cancer and many other diseases.


Shawn Bean looks at the integration of immunity, neurotransmitters, hormones, genetics, etc to give practitioners and patients and overall picture to treat patients. Downstream metabolic pathways are usually causing major problems and must be cleared up before healing can proceed. He looks at 300 different variables and corrects genetic snips like MTHFR and other mutations. By correcting a person’s health you heal the genetic snips.


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About Shawn Bean

unnamedAs engaged under the direct medical supervision of the physicians he serves, Shawn has provided indispensable knowledge and value that considers endocrine, neurological, psychological and immune system disorders. Nutritional and supplemental interventions are formulated into a therapeutic protocol that compliments and enhances the physician’s standard conventions.

Shawn Bean is the co-founder the Center for Bio-individualized Medicine and head of the Department of Clinical Nutrition. He also specializes in clinical nutrition having several years of experience working with challenging medical cases. He possesses a Bachelor of Science in Exercise Science from West Chester University and has earned numerous certifications from the World Institute of Integrative Health Science. He also has a certification in neuro-endo-immunology, NLP, and clinical hypnotherapy. Shawn specializes in alternative medicine including biochemistry and neurology of autism, depression, chronic fatigue, weight loss, nutrition, GI imbalances, environmental toxicity, hormones, genetic mutations, as well as, lifestyle modifications. He has  completed all of the necessary requirements for certification of completion in methylation courses given by Dr Lynch.

Shawn assists Dr Ben Lynch and other researchers helping to navigate the complex enzymatic pathways involved in methylation as well as other biological systems.

Shawn is one of the few specialists in the United States specializing in Genetic SNPs (single nucleotide polymorphisms). Over the past several years, he has collaborated with medical professionals and clients locally, nationally, and internationally to help them identify hidden imbalances. He is also proud to have a supporting role at MTHFR Support to help educate the public, as well as medical professionals, about the latest findings in genetics and functional medicine. Shawn’s passion to help and desire to educate people has made a profound effect on numerous lives.

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