#79 Boosting Brain Function with Dr. Greg Tefft

Dr. Greg Tefft talks to Wendy about how to boost your brain function – something that is increasingly eluding us with the increasing prevalence of nutrient deficiency and toxicity-induced brain fog. Learn tips from one of the foremost experts on detoxification and personalized nutrition.

Brain fog is a vague symptom that cannot be treated or resolved at your doctor’s office, but something that every one of my clients complains about. Today you’re going to learn about boosting brain function and all the things hampering brain performance from Dr. Tefft.


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About Dr. Greg Tefft

greg tefftDr. Greg Tefft is one of the world’s leading experts in personalized nutrition.  Dr. Tefft is a Triple Crown Natural Mr. America bodybuilding titleholder, a renowned clinical bio-nutritionist, wellness practitioner and author of his latest best-selling book, Your Personal Life and For Your body Only. His latest, soon to be released book with co-author Lindy Tefft M.S. is How to Fix the Broken Health Care System.

During the final trials for the US Olympic Swim Team Greg collapsed, unable to breathe. A hospital diagnosis of asthma left him nearly debilitated, going in and out of hospitals, taking various medications and prescribing prescription drugs for the rest of his life.  This was not acceptable to Greg who then pursued a medical education.

A Board-Certified Naturopathic Physician and Chiropractic Doctor for over 30 years, Dr. Tefft has been perfecting the practice and the science of personalized nutritional fitness. Obesity, fatigue and low sex drive are all common problems in which Dr. Tefft specializes. Dr. Tefft has worked with over 150,000 people.  His system of nutritional testing using hair mineral analysis has been the secret weapon for Olympic athletes, and celebrities.

As a Sports Medicine Staff Member for the US Olympic Team, US National Swim Team, Race Across American and other elite sports organizations, he has helped countless athletes reach their peak performance. Receiving Reader’s Digest “Health Awareness Award” and Orange County’s TV News Network as “America’s leader in personalized nutrition.”

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Dr Wendy Myers, ND is a detox expert, functional diagnostic nutritionist, NES Bioenergetic Practitioner, and founder of Myersdetox.com. She is the #1 bestselling author of Limitless Energy: How to Detox Toxic Metals to End Exhaustion and Chronic Fatigue . Additionally, Wendy is the host of The Heavy Metals Summit, the Myers Detox Podcast, and the Supercharged Podcast. Passionate about the importance of detox to live a long and healthy life, she created the revolutionary Myers Detox Protocol , and Mitochondria Detox kit after working with thousands of clients, as well as a range of supplements to help you detox from everyday living and maintain a healthy lifestyle!

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