#9 Alternative Cancer Treatments with Dr. Nisim John

Dr. Nisim John, is the founder of Integrative Cancer Treatment Centers found at Canceroptions.us. Dr. John and I will discuss the many alternatives available in treating cancer. His centers are dedicated to offering treatments other than chemotherapy and radiation, which are quite toxic and have an abysmal success rate.


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Yet, it’s the only treatment legally allowed to be offered by your physician. Your physician can lose his license if he suggests treatment options other than chemo and radiation. In order to beat cancer, It is imperative that you learn your treatment options.

In this episode, we discuss ICTC’s leading non-toxic, safe and effective cancer treatments:

  • Sono-Photo Dynamic Therapy (SPDT),
  • Poly MVA,
  • Anti Microbial Therapy,
  • Ozone Therapy,
  • Biological Vaccines (VCAN),
  • Stem Cell Therapy,
  • Iscador,
  • Indiba Hyperthermia,
  • Regeneration & Rejuvenation Therapy,
  • Immune System Therapies.
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