#96 Remove Negative Emotions with EFT with Kelly Roughton

Kelly Roughton talks to me about how EFT (Emotional Free Technique) can remove negative emotions that are draining your energy and preventing healing of your adrenal glands!


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I decided to do an EFT session before doing this podcast and my results were shocking. I was crying the whole time! Talk about releasing negative emotions. I felt a tremendous relief after the session. EFT is so simple and so incredibly effective at helping you to release emotional traumas and negative energies that are draining your body and promoting disease!

This innovative therapy is not only for personal use. There are increasing benefits popping up all over for the use of EFT in psychology research. The results are clear after you try EFT, but if you’re still not convinced, here are brain scans showing how only 12 sessions of EFT remarkably changed the brain frequencies for a General Anxiety Disorder patient.

In the podcast, Kelly does a demo of how to practice EFT. You can follow along with the different tapping points by watching the YouTube video below or viewing the image of EFT points here.

About Kelly Roughton

kelly.roughton.1Kelly Roughton is a Life Couch, a National Guild of Hypnotists (NGH) certified hypnotist and an Association for the Advancement of the Meridian Energy Techniques (AAMET) certified level 2 EFT Practitioner. She offers private coaching sessions in both English and French. Kelly is especially passionate about sharing her knowledge of holistic healing techniques with the aim of arming more people with the tools to heal and grow. She has been facilitating personal growth workshops since 2007 and she volunteers her time weekly at the West Island Cancer Wellness Center in Montreal to do EFT with patients there.

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