Detox Your Home, Part 2: The Bathroom

Did you know that while you work on detoxing your body, it is just as important to detox your home? It’s time for the next part in my Detox Your Home series! This week, it’s all about how to detox your bathroom. Let’s get started…

Dangerous toxins and chemicals lurk EVERYWHERE. They creep into our food, our air, our water, our cleaning supplies, even our homes. They pose a major threat to our health and we must be vigilant about detox so that we may live long, healthy lives.

I talk a lot about detoxing your body, but it’s just as important to detox your home! You need to reduce your exposure to toxic chemicals in your home living environment, which is  actually where most people are getting a majority of their toxic exposures – including but not limited to their indoor air quality, their cosmetics, their cleaning supplies, and more!

Chronic exposure to toxic chemicals – including the the day in, day out small exposures from everyday living – leads to toxic build up in your body. You not even be aware of it! That is, until, after they reach a certain level and and illness sets in.

Remember, heavy metal and chemical toxicity + with nutrient depletion and stress = disease.

But you can detox your way to better health! Including within the walls of your own home…

How to Detox Your Bathroom

▢ Are Your Cosmetics Safe?

When you put products containing chemicals and toxic metals onto your skin, they’re absorbed straight into your bloodstream without filtration of any kind. These toxins can then bioaccumulate over time, making you sick.

Unfortunately, chemicals and heavy metals are found in most cosmetics and toiletries out there today. Many are probably in your bathroom right now…

Heavy metals and chemicals have been found as contaminants in a huge range of cosmetic products, including sunscreen, foundation, nail polish, whitening toothpaste, lipstick, and even foundation!

That’s why it is so important to our health that you know exactly what is in them and how you can protect yourself from heavy metal exposure.

Shop with a transparent company that is intentionally banning harmful ingredients and has a dedicated metal testing policy, like Beautycounter

Learn more about the Dangers of Heavy Metals in Cosmetics.

▢ Are you slathering your body in toxins every day?

Cosmetics manufacturers use many harmful ingredients to improve their product’s ability to clean, moisturize, lather or have a nice texture, including perfumes and dyes. Why? Because consumers demand inexpensive products with a certain look, scent and feel, and manufacturers oblige with cheap harmful ingredients to get the job done.

Bur remember: your skin absorbs toxins 10x more than if you ate them! Read the ingredient label on your body lotion, face cream, shampoo and conditioner. Choose natural and organic products instead. I LOVE Annmarie Skin Care for a truly organic alternative to toxic skincare products.

Read about the 10 Ingredients You Definitely Don’t Want in Your Skin Care.

▢ Fragrance is the new second hand smoke!

Check to see if any of your personal care products, laundry detergent or cleaners contain “parfum” or added fragrance. These contain an undisclosed amount of hormone disrupting toxic chemicals that you are dispensing right into the air you breathe and slathering on your skin for direct absorption into your body. If your products have  “parfum” or added fragrance on the label, toss them!

Avoid wearing perfume. If you want a little bit of scent, use high-grade essential oils – like those from Vibrant Blue Oils. My personal fave is lavender. I love the scent, plus lavender essential oil eliminates nervous tension, relieves pain, disinfects the scalp and skin and enhances blood circulation.

Detox bonus alert! Due to the antioxidant capacity, research has shown that essential oil compounds can induce detoxification enzymes and can actually prevent toxicity. Click here to discover the 11 Best Essential Oils for Detoxing.

▢ Avoid air fresheners

Most contain a number of toxic chemicals that contaminate the air you breathe. They contain carcinogens, hormone disruptors, respiratory irritants, neurotoxic chemicals and more. Use an essential oil spray instead.

I hope you have found this handy checklist helpful in bringing awareness to the possible areas of toxic exposure in your bathroom and personal care products.

Looking for more ways to detox your home?

The body has a natural ability to detoxify toxins and heavy metals, but in today’s toxic world, this natural ability is severely compromised. Overexposure to toxins and high-stress levels result in weakened digestive/detox function allowing toxins to find their way into the fat cells and brain tissue.

But we can detox our bodies and our homes – it just takes little bit of awareness of exposure, attention to our health, and a change in our habits.

To get more of this Detox Your Home series – where I help you detox your bathroom, bedroom, garden, and more –  simply come back to! I will be posting the next article soon…

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