How to Release Emotional Baggage and Trauma

Did you know that more than two-thirds of children report at least one emotionally traumatic event before the age of 16? While these may not all be what are termed “big T” traumas like abuse, rape, and other forms of violence, other forms for emotional trauma are much more common than most people realize[1].

The problem with trauma is that it often occurs in a way that makes it hard for us to be aware of it or process it. Unlike smaller emotional upsets that we can handle more easily, trauma can get stuck within our minds and bodies – and this can happen below our conscious awareness. 

In the case of PTSD, the trauma becomes a part of your daily life as even small triggers can throw you off course.

In this article, you’ll learn:

  • What PTSD and trauma are, and how they differ
  • How to find the root of your trauma – it’s not where you expect
  • The impact that your energy field has on your mind and body
  • Why trauma keeps you stuck in old patterns, and why talk therapy is useless in healing this type of emotional pain
  • How to work with your mind, body, and energy to free yourself of trauma once and for all

Are PTSD and Trauma The Same?

Developmental Trauma and PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder) are not interchangeable terms, although the two conditions can be highly interrelated. While most people associate PTSD with war veterans, childhood developmental trauma manifests quite differently but is more chronic. 

When you experience some type of shock, scare, or dangerous event, it’s normal for your body to go into a “fight or flight” response and for your nervous system to be on edge during and immediately following the event. For people with PTSD, the traumatic event continues to set their nervous system on edge, even when there is no danger in sight. Small things that remind them of the event can serve as triggers and put their nervous system right back into a heightened state as if the event were happening all over again[2]. 

How does this relate to childhood trauma?

People that undergo traumatic events in childhood grow up with a tendency to display issues with emotional regulation. This may show up as an inability to manage emotions and for some, an inability to even understand or become aware of their emotions. Unlike war veterans, many people with childhood trauma don’t recall the traumatic event, and therefore the key to their healing lies hidden in their subconscious[3]. 

This is why many people with emotional issues are unable to get the resolution they’re looking for in modalities like talk therapy. If you’re unable to dive into the root of your trauma or even remember it, there is no way to weed it out through conscious effort like talking with a therapist.

So, how do you address trauma if talking through it doesn’t work? You have to find the root.

The Root Of Trauma and PTSD

While we are very aware that traumatic events can create an imprint on the brain and nervous system, when neuroscientists try to find the root of traumatic events and memories in the brain – they come up empty-handed.

Emotional triggers will influence your neurological pathways and can even change the wiring in your brain so that specific centers light up in the presence of a perceived threat. However, when scientists delve into the brain and look for the area, cell, or even pathway that contains the trauma, they’re unable to pinpoint where the memories of the event are stored. 

The reason? They aren’t stored in the physical matter of your brain or nervous system; they exist in the energy field around your body called the biofield. 

Although ancient systems of medicine like Traditional Chinese Medicine and Ayurveda have understood the concept of the biofield for thousands of years, Western research has just caught up in the last several decades[6]. 

We now have scientifically proven that there is a field of energy that emanates from your body and carries frequencies of information that directly impact the function of your physical form.

What makes this energy field so fascinating is that when researchers examine the field of energy around your body, they can determine what type of emotional state you’re in by assessing the specific frequencies that are present. 

When a person is happy, joyful, and balanced, their biofield will be full of high vibrational frequencies that are coherent and strong. When someone is stressed, depressed, sad, angry, or experiencing any other negative emotion, there will be inconsistencies in the field. These inconsistencies are unique patterns that can be identified to elucidate the specific emotional states. 

Neuroscientists like Dr. Karl Pribram believe that these energetic frequencies result from the cumulative electrical wave patterns that come from neurons firing together. In other words, while a trauma or memory may not be stored in the physical body, the energetic blueprint lives in your biofield[5]. 

How Do These Incoherent Frequencies Impact The Mind and Body?

So, how does the energy around your body impact you on a cellular level? Let’s take a look at technologies like PEMF (pulsed electromagnetic field therapy). PEMF is the application of electromagnetic fields to an area of the body to support its healing. In other words, PEMF introduces coherent energy in a specific range to an area of the body, which produces a physical result. This means that the field of energy is able to impact the function of your body on a cellular level.

That’s exactly what your biofield is doing all day, every day. This also means that when your field is incoherent, it will create incoherence in your physical body and a breakdown in physical functioning eventually [4].

We know that incoherence in your field results in dysregulation of your nervous system. Specifically, it can disrupt the function of your vagus nerve, which is responsible for bringing you into a state of parasympathetic dominance (rest and digest and detox) and out of sympathetic mode (fight or flight). 

When your body is in fight or flight, you’ll feel more emotionally on edge, anxious, stressed, fearful, and unsafe. 

Therefore, although the root of trauma may be in your energy field, if you want to heal, it takes awareness of all aspects of your being –mind, body, and energy.

Addressing Trauma In the Mind, Body, And Energy Field

Most people try to address their trauma by going directly to the mind. They try all forms of psychotherapy that are meant to bring peace or understanding of their life experiences and often spend thousands of dollars on treatments that don’t really move the needle. 

They really just become an expert in their neuroses. 

These treatments largely fail because most are not even consciously aware of their emotional traumas. You can try to talk about your perceived problems and intellectualize your past as much as you want, but if you aren’t working in your energy field , it will keep pulling you back into the same mental and emotional patterns. At the same time, you’ll keep firing off the same networks in your brain and training your body into a state of sympathetic dominance. 

The answer then is to work with all three areas of the body – mental, energetic and physical. 

When I realized that the root of trauma existed in the energy field, I became dedicated to finding answers for healing unresolved memories so I could finally be free of what was holding me back. Through over fifteen years of research, I found a handful of modalities for the mind, body, and energy (bioenergetics) that, when used together, create a roadmap for releasing deep trauma.  

I’m excited to share that I have finally compiled all my research and studies and created an all-encompassing healing program called the The Emotional Detox Program.

In the course, I provide guidance for healing trauma from the level of mind, body, and energy. Here is a quick snapshot of just some of the material we will cover:

  • In the bioenergetics module, you’ll learn simple ways to detect negative emotions and emotional trauma in your energy field and clear them
  • In the psychology module, we will turn our focus to your mind, and you’ll learn to shift your mindset by calming your nervous system. You’ll learn how to feel your emotions and work with them instead of allowing them to build up and become trapped in your body.
  • In the physical module, you’ll learn how to balance your hormones, regulate your blood sugar, follow your circadian rhythm, and set your body up for optimal emotional detox. 

If you’re ready to get off the hamster wheel, stop fighting against your body, and start healing your trauma, I highly recommend that you check out The Emotional Detox Program.


Whether you’re struggling with PTSD, childhood trauma, or even a “small t” trauma, the effects of these unfortunate events live in your energy field and impact your entire mind-body-energy system. 

A handful of modalities out there aim to treat trauma, but most of them fall short because they only touch on one or two of the systems that need nurturing. And in the famous words of the world’s top trauma researcher, Professor van der Kolk, “Yapping doesn’t work.” To get to the core of your trauma or PTSD, it’s crucial that you look at all three areas. 

Happiness, freedom, and joy are not only an option – they’re your birthright. You deserve to feel good and I want to show you the shortest path to achieve that end. 

 *These statements have not been reviewed by the FDA. The ​Emotional Detox Program is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.​ It is not intended to replace any medication or healing modality prescribed by your medical doctor. 

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