How to Save Your Toxic Brain

41 million IQ points.

That’s what Harvard Medical School professor, Dr. David Bellinger, estimates Americans have collectively lost because of exposure to lead, mercury, and organophosphates, the most common pesticides used in agriculture.

Today I want to talk to you about how to save your toxic brain.

When toxins are allowed to enter the brain and central nervous system, they can cause a whole host of symptoms.

Many of you suffer from brain fog, brain fatigue, trouble staying focused, forgetfulness, mood swings, or you fear dementia as you age.

  • Anxiety
  • Slow processing of new ideas
  • Sadness
  • Impatience
  • Irritability
  • Lack of motivation
  • Cognitive decline

I want to explain the exact mechanisms of how toxins enter the brain.

The blood-brain barrier tries to protect our central nervous system from exposures to compounds that may be inflammatory and interfere with homeostatic mechanisms that maintain neurotransmitter balance and nervous system functioning.

But when we are chronically exposed to toxins and contaminants, like we are in today’s modern world, the usually tight and very selective blood-brain-barrier begins to warp under the pressure of these inflammatory compounds and becomes a bit “leaky” so that it allows molecules through that would have otherwise been prevented from entering the compartment that encases our brain.

This is what’s called Leaky Brain.

Metals that poison our mitochondria are also contributing to leaky brain.

Our brain uses 20% of the energy produced by our bodies.

In fact, another Harvard professor, Dr. Philippe Grandjean, warns of a “silent pandemic” of neurotoxins destroying our brains.

Your brain may be polluted with mercury, arsenic, chlorpyrifos, PCBs, ethanol, and other neurotoxins that stop it from performing at its best.


  •  Deposits in the pituitary – the master gland controlling all your hormones
  •  Inhibits nerve cell formation
  •  Block melatonin receptors needed to have a good night’s sleep
  •  Contributes to dementia like Alzheimer’s and developmental disorders like Autism


  • Impairs learning and memory
  • Associated with chronic fatigue, depression and cognitive impairment
  • Destroys energy production, needed for brain function


  • Kills brain cells
  • Causes brain inflammation

These neurotoxins and thousands more are poisoning our brains.

They’re lowering our IQs.

They’re causing an explosion in ADHD and autism spectrum disorders in our children.

And because of widespread environmental toxins we’re ALL at risk.

My life’s work is dedicated to helping people remove toxins from their body.

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Wendy Myers, FDN-P, is a heavy metals detox expert, functional diagnostic nutritionist and founder of Discover her Myers Detox Protocol and enjoy freedom from fatigue and brain fog with heavy metal detox. Wendy is also the creator of the Mitochondria Detox , the only supplement kit on the market that helps you to remove toxic metals that cause fatigue.