Marilyn Monroe is my Paleo hero


Even 50 years after her death, Marilyn Monroe is still hailed as a classic beauty. How did she maintain her figure? With the Paleo diet, of course! Recently, an interview with her was discovered in an old issue of Pageant magazine. In the interview, Marilyn talked about her diet and how she maintained her girlish figure that millions still swoon over today. The Marilyn Monroe Diet isn’t the perfect model of Paleo, but it runs pretty close!

Here’s what Monroe said a typical eating day looked like:

Breakfast: Warm milk with two raw eggs whipped into the whole mess.

Lunch: None.

Dinner: Steak, lamb or liver, which she would broil and eat with 4 or 5 raw carrots.

Evening snack: Hot fudge sundae.

Her diet certainly could have been more balanced! Pretty sure that meal plan isn’t one that would be recommended by most experts. It’s lacking in veggies. Those four or five carrots aren’t enough! Also, it sounds pretty icky. Eggs in milk? No lunch? Oh, Marilyn.

Following the fifty year anniversary of Marilyn’s death, this interview and interest in Marilyn’s diet and fitness regimen have been revisited many times – if only for the sheer entertainment of how unconventional her diet was! We know now that she may not have been too far off the mark in her health regimen. Results are results. Smart girl!

In it, you can see Monroe’s description of her exercise regimen–at least 10 minutes per day of light weight lifting, to “firm” the areas she got paid to flaunt. She says she used five-pound weights until she got tired, because she “couldn’t stand exercise if [she] had to feel regimented about it.”  You would do well to copy Marilyn’s short, but intense fitness regime.  I love this classic photo of her pumping iron in denims and a bikini top. I had to work out in jeans once when I forgot my workout pants. That’s my girl!



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