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As modern medicine continues to uncover the fascinating ways in which the human body works, one thing is becoming abundantly clear – your body is made up of much more than physical matter. In fact, there is reason to believe that at your very core, you are much more energy than matter. 

At the forefront of our understanding of energy and energy medicine is the concept of quantum energy. If we are mostly energy, then shouldn’t we be able to leverage coherent energy for our own healing?

The answer is yes. 

In this article, you’ll learn:

  • What quantum energy is
  • How EMFs impact quantum energy
  • The relationship between quantum energy, chi, and prana
  • How to leverage quantum energy to mitigate EMF and its stress-inducing impact

What Is Quantum Energy?

Quantum energy is a term that stems from quantum physics, which is the study of matter and energy at the most fundamental level. A well-known theory in quantum mechanics is the wave-particles theory, which postulates that at the smallest measurement, all particles of matter may be described as a physical particle, or a wave of energy. 

This may sound like a bridge too far for many people, but the scientific evidence is actually quite staggering when we zoom in on the subatomic level of matter. From what we know so far, it appears that particles can move in and out of matter and wave characteristics.

From this perspective, everything in our universe (and beyond) is actually made up of energy. This energy can be highly vibrational and therefore stay in an “energy” state, or it can lower its vibration to become matter or “particle.”

The concept of energy being the driving force behind all creation is actually nothing new. Ancient sources of wisdom such as Traditional Chinese Medicine and Ayurveda used the terms “chi” and “prana,” respectively, to describe this vital life force that moves through your body and the world around you. 

To take the understanding of quantum energy to a more practical level, think of it this way; the food you eat fuels your cells, right? But on a fundamental level, where does the energy come from in the food? That’s quantum energy, chi, or prana. 

While researchers are still trying to find ways to quantify quantum energy, some research suggests that our brains (which are highly electric) are powered by the same quantum energy that makes up our universe[1]. 

How Do EMFs Impact Quantum Energy?

EMFs (electromagnetic fields) are another type of energy. While quantum energy is the most fundamental form of energy that naturally moves through and around all things, natural EMFs only exist in very small amounts. Rather, the vast majority of EMFs running through our energetic environment are due to manmade sources such as electricity and WiFi. 

So, what happens when two different sources of energy converge? They interfere with one another. This means that when your body, which is running on quantum energy, comes into contact with EMF, that energy pathway becomes disturbed. This creates energetic stress in the pathways and results in imbalances in your body.

From the perspective of Eastern medicine (TCM and Ayurveda), prana flows through the seven major chakras (energy centers) in your body, and chi moves through energetic pathways called meridians. Research shows that when people are exposed to EMF, it disrupts the flow of energy through all seven chakras and 10 out of the 12 meridians[2]. 

Whether you look at it from the lens of TCM and chi, Ayurveda and prana, or quantum mechanics and quantum energy, the one thing that is clear is that EMF disturbs the flow of quantum energy and causes stress in the body.

Cellular Voltage, EMFs, and Quantum Energy

Nervous System

Another aspect of the energetic body that is directly impacted by quantum energy is cellular voltage. Cellular voltage is the electricity that moves through your entire body down to the cellular level. Also referred to as your cell’s membrane potential, cellular voltage allows signals to be sent into and out of your cells and throughout your entire system. 

Of all the systems in your body, your nervous system is the most highly electrical, requiring the most energy for cellular voltage[4]. 

Bioelectricity is a term that’s used to describe the electricity of the human body and encompasses cellular voltage. As a whole, the bioelectrical regulation of your body is crucial to the regulation of cellular, tissues, and organ function[5]. 

Put simply, while chemical messengers such as neurotransmitters and hormones can send messages through your body to assist in optimal function, your body’s electricity sends information in the form of electrical (voltage) signals. Both chemical and electrical signaling are crucial for cellular health and function. 

As you can imagine, electromagnetic frequencies (with their own electric energy), can interfere with your body’s cellular voltage. Research shows that EMF may specifically impact your cell’s voltage-gated calcium channels (VGCC), which are involved in cardiac health, neurotransmitter release, muscle function, and neurological activity[6][7].  

Enhancing Quantum Energy To Mitigate EMF Exposure

While it’s not always wise to “fight fire with fire,” in the case of energetics, enhancing the power of one energy source can help to mitigate the influence of another. Such is the case with quantum energy and EMF.

So, how do you enhance the flow of quantum energy? This is where things get interesting. 

First, energy cannot be created or destroyed – only transformed. This means that when you enhance the flow of quantum energy, you’re not increasing energy per se but rather transforming the type of energy that’s already present. 

There are several EMF-protecting and mitigating devices out there, some with some pretty solid research behind them. However, very few have been able to show measurable results against electromagnetic frequencies, with changes in quantum energy (chi or prana).

This is where the Harmoni Pendant stands out. The Harmoni Pendant is a wearable EMF-mitigating device that’s lightweight and can be displayed as a necklace or easily hidden under your clothes. You can take it with you wherever you go, sleep with it, shower with it, sauna with it – you name it. 

Aside from its versatility, the Harmoni Pendant stands out as an EMF mitigating device due to its influence on quantum energy. 

In a research study, people wearing the Harmoni Pendant in the presence of EMF experienced[2]:

  • 475% increase in chakra function
  • Six out of the seven chakras completely recovered from EMF-induced decline
  • All 12 meridians improved in their function, fully compensating their EMF-induced decline

What this tells us is that the Harmoni Pendant was able to mitigate the impact of EMF on people’s energy pathways and also allowed for enhanced energy flow – which could also be explained by increased quantum energy. 

In another study, researchers found that the Harmoni Pendant was able to impact a stress marker known as heart rate variability (HRV). When HRV is low, your ability to handle stressors (such as EMFs) is weakened. When HRV is high, on the other hand, your resilience to stress is strengthened.

According to the study, in the presence of EMF, people wearing the Harmoni Pendant showed[3]:

  • A staggering 703% increased HRV index  
  • A decline stress index by an average of 48%
  • Regulation of autonomic nervous system activity increased by 310%
  • A reversal of biological aging by 79%

What this study illuminates is the ability of the Harmoni Pendant to enhance resilience to stress and therefore mitigate the harmful impact that EMF has on your mind and body. 


There is still much to learn about quantum physics and the nature of quantum energy, but what we do know already is that this vital life force is the key to keeping our bodies’ energetic systems in balance. 

From the perspective of energy medicine, when your energy is in balance, all physiological and mental functions can run smoothly. When energy is disturbed, however, chaos can ensue. 

EMF is a direct threat to your body’s natural flow of energy, and unless you are taking active steps to mitigate it, it’s likely causing some level of imbalance in your energetic blueprint. 

By utilizing resources like the Harmoni Pendant, you’re able to mitigate some of the impacts of EMFs and nourish your energetic pathways that keep your mind-body system in working order. 

*These statements have not been reviewed by the FDA. The Harmoni Pendant is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, reverse, or prevent any disease. It is not intended to replace any other treatments, medication, or healing modalities that may be prescribed by your medical doctor.

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