#35 The Future of Organic Standards with Mark Kastel

Mark Kastel, co-founder of the Cornucopia Institute, talks to me this week about the future of organic standards. This organization is dedicated to protecting organic standards, small-scale organic family farms, the wisdom of sustainable and organic agriculture and the quality and integrity of the food we all eat.


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The Institute regularly engages in campaigns and lobbying efforts to protect or enact laws that favor small-scale farming and organic standards. Today we are going to talk about the future of organic standards and how seriously our food supply is in jeopardy.

About Mark Kastel

tractor-20060922_forbes_02_11_JD-2-e1354028844591Mark Kastel is the co-founder of The Cornucopia Institute, a populist farm policy research group based in Wisconsin. He acts as its Senior Farm Policy Analyst and directs its Organic Integrity Project.

For almost 20 years prior to Cornucopia’s launch he was president of M. A. Kastel and Associates, Inc. His professional practice included political consulting, lobbying on behalf of family farm groups, and business development work benefiting family-scale farmers.

Mark played a key role, through his research and policy work, in bringing great media scrutiny to the horrors happening to cows and on dairy farms using rBGH, a synthetic hormone used to increase cow’s milk production on dairy farms beginning in the 80’s.

Mark continues to be closely involved in monitoring the seriously flawed management of the National Organic Program at the USDA.


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