The Science Behind Emotional Blocks

There is a science behind emotional blocks. And understanding this can lead you to the tools you need to help release them so you can move forward with your life and into one of greater peace. Let’s dive in…

It’s not uncommon to feel “weighed down” by emotions or even physically “heavy” when emotions like stress, anxiety, or overwhelm take over. As both a physical and energetic being, your feelings actually do carry a weight to them. Perhaps this shows up as brain fog, confusion, or depression, or maybe you even feel the emotions like a weighted blanket that you carry with you all day.

Metaphors aside, research shows that our emotions actually have weight and density. How is this possible? First, you have to understand that your emotions and memories aren’t just mental constructs, but these experiences hold their own unique energetic frequencies. 

In this article, you’ll learn:

  • How your emotions carry a unique energetic frequency 
  • Where emotions are stored (spoiler alert: it’s not your brain)
  • What the biofield is, and how to work with this field for healing
  • The secret to permanently releasing emotional blocks at their root source

Understanding Emotions From An Energetic Perspective 

The concept that emotions have an energetic value was popularized by Dr. David Hawkins when he wrote his book Power Vs. Force. In Power Vs. Force, Hawkins introduced a scale of expanding levels of consciousness, starting with shame at the very bottom, and expanding up all the way to enlightenment[1]. 

Hawkins used a combination of muscle testing and kinesiology to determine the energetic frequency of the emotions and found that as people enter higher states of emotion, their physical energy actually expanded as well. Each emotion carries its own unique energetic frequency that can be measured.

The title of the book was aptly named, as he found that the lower emotions required force, as the higher frequency emotions represented true power.

Quantum Mechanics and Energy

To understand what is meant by emotions and their frequency, it’s helpful to look at the body from a quantum mechanics model. According to quantum physics, on an atomic level, you are both wave (energy) and matter.

How is this possible? When quantum physicists look at an atom, they see subatomic particles such as electrons, protons, and neutrons. However, when they zoom in to try to understand the nature of these particles, they find that they are not made of physical matter, but rather these particles go in and out of energy and matter form[2]. 

This means that if subatomic particles are both energy and matter, then atoms must also be energy and matter, and if that’s true for atoms, it must be true for the elements, and furthermore, for your cells, tissues, organs, and your entire body. In fact, it must be true for all things in our known universe. 

If your emotions have an energetic value to them, then they should be able to impact your body just as much as taking a vitamin would — and they do. 

Emotions As Wave Patterns

You may be a little bewildered at this point if these concepts are new to you. However, it may be helpful to know that when neuroscientists have been tasked with locating where memories and emotions arise from in the brain, they consistently come up empty-handed.

There are certain areas of the brain that seem to be involved with memories and emotions, such as the hippocampus. But when trying to locate the exact location of a memory, they don’t seem to be stored in any particular area of the brain, not in any type of neuron, and not even in the neural pathways that light up when an emotion or memory is triggered. 

However, one strong theory is that memories are stored in the cumulative electrical wave patterns that result from neurons firing together. These electrical wave patterns are generated by your nervous system as memory or emotion comes to the surface. They are not physical in nature, but rather they are energy[3]. 

This theory was the result of research conducted by Dr. Karl Pribram and has been further contextualized by studies out of the Heart Math Institute. 

If Emotions Are Made of Energy, Where Are They Stored?

The Heart Math Institute has been working for several years on understanding emotions and how they impact the mind and body. What they’ve identified to date is that emotions seem to be stored in the energy field around your body, known as your biofield.

Your biofield surrounds your body and extends several feet in all directions. Although it’s not commonly talked about in Western science, its existence has been proven, and ancient systems of medicine have understood its value for thousands of years. 

The Heart Math Institute, the leading organization researching the physical, mental, and energetic impact of emotional states, frequently studies heart rate variability (HRV) as a measure of psychological and physiological stress. HRV measures the variability of heartbeats that an individual displays when under stress or in a calm state. When HRV is high, an individual is more resilient and less stressed; when HRV is low, they experience less resilience and more stress. 

In their research, Heart Math found a 75% correlation in the patterns of HRV with different emotions. What makes this research astounding is that these researchers can look at your biofield and determine exactly which types of emotions you’re having. In other words – different emotions have a unique energetic signature, their own energetic weight, and density that is reflected in your biofield. 

When your biofield is in a state of coherence (in balance), you will be happier, more energetic, and more resilient. When the field is incoherent, on the other hand, it indicates a disruption in your emotional state[4]. 

Releasing Emotional Blocks In The Biofield

Now that you have an understanding of how emotions and trauma can quite literally get trapped in your biofield, you’re probably wondering what you can do about it.

In truth, it takes coordination of mind, body, and energy to fully release emotional trauma and emotional blocks. However, finding ways to reset your energy and create a coherent biofield is crucial if you want lasting change. 

You can do all the talk therapy and take all the right vitamins and supplements, but if your energy field isn’t clear, you’ll be pulled back into old patterns time and again. 

So, how do you release frequencies in your field that are weighing you down? One of the most impactful modalities is through sound therapy. After over fifteen years of research, I’ve found that sound therapy holds an incredible amount of value in terms of energetic release – and I want to share with you exactly how to perform your own sound healing.

This is why I created my Emotional Detox Program.

In addition to sound therapy and working with your body on a bioenergetic level, the Emotional Detox Program touches on modalities for your mind and body so that you can clear traumatic emotions from your energy field for good. 

It’s incredible how subtle yet profound the energetic frequencies of our emotions can be. As I mentioned, it takes a concerted effort and coordination of your mind, body, and energy to free yourself of unwanted, toxic emotions. By working through my Emotional Detox Program, you’ll be able to free yourself on all levels and see life in a new way.


Feeling emotionally heavy is a common issue that people deal with. This heaviness comes and goes for most people, but there never seems to be complete freedom from the emotional blocks that can drive our behaviors. 

This is because whether the emotion or trauma memory is active, it’s always in your energy field. The good news is that the phenomenon of emotions having an almost tangible weight gives us exactly what we need to be free from them. 

Working with your energy field, you can finally be free of emotional blocks and habitual patterns that keep you on the hamster wheel. If you want to get a taste of what you’ll learn in my Emotional Detox Program, you can sign up for this Emotional Detox Masterclass webinar. 

*These statements have not been reviewed by the FDA. The ​Emotional Detox Program is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.​ It is not intended to replace any medication or healing modality prescribed by your medical doctor. 

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