Sound Healing for Deep Transformation

Let’s discuss the power of music and sound healing.

Have you ever noticed how music can shift your mood within moments? Put on a sad song, and suddenly, you’ll travel to a time of melancholy, or your heart will swell with a depth of emotions that resonate with the words or musical instruments. 

Conversely, put on an upbeat song, and your entire energy shifts to hope and optimism. You may even be sitting in your car bopping your head or singing along. 

This is the power of music, and even more specifically – the power of frequency. 

Sound therapy (or frequencies) are beginning to make its way into the mainstream conversation around healing these days. While sound healing has been used for thousands of years by ancient traditions of medicine, we are just starting to explore the magic of sound frequencies in the West. 

In this article, you’ll learn

  • How your body stores emotions and memories
  • What the biofield is, and why it’s a crucial aspect for emotional healing
  • What sound therapy is and how it works
  • How sound frequencies acts as the key to deep, transformational release of emotional trauma 

Where Are Emotions and Memories Stored?

To understand what sound healing is and how it works, we first have to develop an understanding of emotions and memories and how they’re processed and stored in your body. 

When looking at emotions and memories from a Western science perspective, most people will claim that they are stored in your brain. Specifically, research suggests that brain areas such as the neocortex are vital for processing emotions and memory formation. 

However, if you sat down with neuroscientists, they would tell you a very different story. Although we have been able to uncover specific areas of the brain involved in emotional and memory processing, these experiences don’t seem to be stored in any particular area. Not in the neocortex, not in any specific cell type, not even in the neural networks that fire when a memory comes to mind. 

Interestingly, renowned neurosurgeon Dr. Karl Pribram, a distinguished Research Professor of Cognitive Neuroscience at Georgetown and Stanford, studied the brain and emotions extensively and came to the conclusion that memories, emotions, and all other types of learning are not encoded in the physical matter of the brain but rather in the cumulative electrical wave patterns that result from all the neurons that fire together. 

When you have a thought, memory, or emotion, a network of neurons fires off in your brain. It’s well understood that the firing of neurons creates an electrical current, which produces a specific wave pattern that can be detected in the brain. According to Karl Pribram, it is within this energetic wave pattern that the memory is stored. In other words, memories, emotions, and trauma are stored in the energy produced by the brain and body – also known as your biofield or energy field[1].

Furthermore, different emotions create their own unique energetic patterns or frequencies [2]. Every emotion has its own frequency that can be measured. 

What Exactly Is A Biofield?

The biofield concept has been well-recognized in energy medicine practices like reiki, qi gong, meditation, and more for thousands of years. However, it’s only in the recent decades that western science has caught up with the understanding that every human is walking around with a field of energy surrounding their body, a “biofield.”

The biofield is a scientifically validated phenomenon that continues to provide us an understanding of how the physical body functions[3]. 

An Ancient Perspective On Emotions: The Heart As A Source

According to the ancient science of Ayurveda, your “mind” doesn’t exist in your brain. In fact, your mind isn’t contained to any single organ or location in your body at all. Rather, the ancient Vedic texts, dating back to 5000 years ago, describe the mind as a channel of energy that originates in the heart and travels to every organ, tissue, and cell in your body. 

This channel of energy is called the manovaha srotas and is the home of your emotions, memories, and traumas. 

In this way, Ayurveda confirms what Dr. Karl Pribram suggested – emotions are indeed stored as an energetic quality, not within physical matter. This is where practices that use energy, such as sound healing, come in. 

In fact, sound healing in the form of chanting and mantras is one of the most revered healing practices in Vedic traditions of Ayurveda and yoga. 

What Is Sound Healing?

Have you ever asked yourself where sound comes from? From a loud bang to the gentle melody of music, each noise you hear comes from a vibration. This vibration originates at a source, such as a radio or a door slamming, and travels through the air to finally reach your ears. Delving into the science of sound is fascinating, as you’ll discover that your ears are actually perfectly structured to pick up on these subtle vibrations. When they sense a vibration, that frequency is transferred to the brain via the nervous system, and you register it as sound[4]. 

This means that sound and its correlating vibration directly impact the function of your nervous system. Through this function alone, sound can offer a range of healing benefits as soothing and calming sounds enhance the tone of your vagus nerve (the nerve responsible for your relaxation response)[5]. 

This is why music with instruments like the flute and harp are often played during massages or other spa treatments – they create a relaxation response in your body. 

However, what makes sound even more impressive as a healing tool is the impact that sound frequencies can have on your biofield.

As you learned, your biofield is an energy field surrounding your body. It’s within this field that your memories and emotions are stored. Each emotion, trauma, or memory has its own unique vibration, which contributes to the makeup of your energy field. As such, if you can entrain these vibrations, you can heal the energetic body that holds your emotional traumas.

How exactly does sound shift your energetic field? Through something called resonance

When your energy field is holding trauma or unresolved emotions, it’s in a state of dissonance. The traumas are creating an imbalance in the field, and therefore your biofield is out of harmony. 

When you introduce a new frequency to the field around your body, through sound vibrations, the frequencies of your emotions and traumas entrain or match with the frequency produced by the sound and become coherent. In other words, the sound vibrations balance out the frequencies of the trauma, and your energy field reaches a new state of harmony.

This entrainment of frequencies impacts the field around your body and impacts your physical form on a cellular level. For instance, sound frequencies will increase the membrane voltage of your cells – exciting the calcium ions in the cell membranes. This increases the energy of the cell, like charging up a battery.

Sound healing has also been shown to impact cellular regeneration and produce positive epigenetic expression. 

Use Sound Therapy To Overcome Emotional Trauma 

There are a handful of resources out there that can guide you on your sound healing journey, I created a free masterclass on Sound Therapy to introduce you to the science and power behind sound therapy.  But it’s important to remember that although emotions are stored in the energy field, they also impact your mental and physical body. 

Healing involves taking a look at your system as a whole – the mind, the body, and the energetics. That’s why I put together my Emotional Detox Program

The program is based on one simple fact – over 67% of physical health issues people suffer from today have been found to be caused by emotional trauma. This shocking discovery was found in the landmark ACES study. So addressing emotional trauma successfully is the KEY to addressing almost any physical or mental health issues from which people suffer. And it’s the key to lasting happiness. 

It’s a program with over 30 hours of evidence based videos that walk you through every aspect of emotional trauma and how to address it successfully with science-based techniques. 

In the Emotional Detox Program, I cover all aspects of resolving emotional trauma and releasing negative emotions, from the physical cellular level to the emotional and bioenergetic level. This course is the result of 15 years of research and a heartfelt drive to find the key to healing that lasts – something that personally eluded me for years. 

Within the course, I explain in detail the science of sound healing and share a powerful sound healing practice that will assist you on your healing journey. 


Healing on an emotional level can be a complex process as our emotions not only impact our mind but our physical body and energy body as well. You can go through years of talk therapy and take every supplement on the shelf for stress relief but still feel stuck due to your emotional past.

This is why getting to the root of your emotional pain is crucial for moving beyond the memories of the past. Until you clear your energy field, these traumas and emotions will keep surfacing.

Sound healing is an ancient modality that brings tremendous benefits to your mind-body system. To learn more and begin your healing journey, check out my free masterclass on Sound Therapy.


*These statements have not been reviewed by the FDA. The ​Emotional Detox Program is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.​ It is not intended to replace any medication or healing modality prescribed by your medical doctor. 

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