#33 The Sleep Solution with Ameer Rosic

Ameer Rosic, author of the new book The Sleep Solution System, talks to us about how to improve sleep. Lack of sleep is the number one thing undermining your health! Many of his tips are very surprising.


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If you’re having trouble sleeping and go to your doctor, you’re just going to get a medication for sleeping. Ameer’s book The Sleep Solution System will tell you how to get to the root cause of why you’re having trouble sleeping. Most of the issue is your environment is not conducive to rest, but there are many other factors involved that you may not be aware of. Today, Ameer is going to tell you a million different ways you can improve tossing and turning all night and toss the sleeping meds.

Ameer’s book The Sleep Solution System really blew me away and I regularly refer to it when I have a client that has trouble sleeping. He lists every possible cause that could you between you and a good night’s rest. You just have to tweak a few things you are doing. For most, it’s just about changing a few things in their environment.

Improve Sleep

Today, we discuss many ways to improve zzz’s:

  • #1 Reason for sleep deprivation
  • How sleeping helps you lose weight
  • Night eating
  • Food sensitivities
  • Coffee
  • Parasites
  • Why he doesn’t like melatonin
  • Natural Sleep Aids
  • Tips for a great rest

About Ameer Rosic

Sleep Ameer RosicAmeer is a Registered Holistic Nutritionist, Functional Diagnostic Practitioner and Functional Medicine Practitioner. He has written a book on kettlebell exercise training and kettlebell routines, called The Kettlebell Advantage and is currently writing a second book called Diagnostic Testing and Functional Medicine. He is also a writer for the Huffington post. Today we’re going to talk about his latest book The Sleep Solution System.



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