#20 The Smarter Science of Slim with Jonathan Bailor

Jonathan Bailor of TheSmarterScienceofSlim.com speaks to me about his latest book, The Calorie Myth. Over a decade of research and 1300 research studies went into writing this science-backed soon to be released book on how to lose weight and keep it off. Forget everything you’ve learned.


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The Calorie Myth Johnathan BailorJonathan Bailor‘s soon to be released, The Calorie Myth, is a revolutionary diet book that explains how cutting-edge science supports a radically different approach to weight loss, offering evidence that calories do not matter. Bailor shows that the key to long-term weight-loss is not the number of calories consumed but ratherwhat kinds of calories. Some foods are used to repair tissue, boost brain power, and fuel our metabolism—while others are stored as fat. The human body has a set point—the weight it naturally “wants” to be—that is regulated by hormones. When we eat the right foods—plants, lean proteins, nuts, and legumes—our bodies are naturally able to maintain a healthy set point weight. But when we eat sugar, starches, fats, and other poor-quality foods, our bodies’ regulatory systems become “clogged” and prevent us from burning extra calories. Translation: Those extra 10 pounds you’ve been carrying around for years aren’t the result of eating too much: They’re the result of eating hormone-clogging foods. With its step-by-step program, including a “SANEity” scale that determines which foods are optimal for weight-control; an eating plan; and a high intensity interval training (HIIT) exercise program that allows you to spend less time in the gym and achieve better results, The Calorie Myth offers a radical new model for weight loss. The Smarter Science of SlimThe Smarter Science of Slim simplifies the analysis of over 1,300 scientific studies to bridge the gap between the scientific world and the everyday world, dispel the myths and marketing that have fueled the current health care crisis, and provide a proven lifestyle for lasting wellness by focusing on quality of food and exercise and then eating more and exercising less — but smarter. The Smarter Science of Slim is endorsed by the world-wide scientific community including top doctors at the Harvard Medical School, John Hopkins, and UCLA, and approved as curriculum for registered dieticians (RDs) by the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics.

About Jonathan

Jonathan Bailor, is an accomplished inventor, entrepreneur, philanthropist, researcher, author and public speaker. He holds more than 25 U.S. patents, invented the marque feature in Microsoft Office 2010. He has started two successful companies and the non-profit nutrition education effort SlimIsSimple.org. He hosts a top ranked iTunes health and fitness podcast called Smarter Science of Slim. He has authored The Smarter Science of Slim, endorsed by top doctors at the Harvard Medical School, Johns Hopkins, and UCLA, and is now releasing the ground-breaking book  The Calorie Myth with HarperCollins in 2014. Johnathan Bailor

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