What Are EMFs and Top 5 Ways To Protect Yourself

EMFs are the number one silent threat in our environment. No matter what measures you may take to keep your body healthy, these frequencies are powerful enough to damage your cells, tissues, and organs — and you won’t even know it’s happening. 

In this guide to EMFs, we’ll discuss:

  • Why we can no longer escape the dangers of EMFs
  • Why protecting yourself from EMFs should be your TOP priority
  • Elon Musk owned Starlink is turning on their worldwide EMF satellite system August 1, 2021. You need to be prepared. 
  • How 5G is turning your home into an EMF hotbox.
  • The number one thing you must do to combat EMF toxicity before it’s too late

What Are EMFs?

EMF stands for electromagnetic frequencies, which are fields of energy that are present everywhere in our environment. 

Electromagnetic frequencies are the combination of electric fields and magnetic fields. Electric fields are naturally produced by the local build-up of electric charges in the atmosphere, while magnetic fields come from the earth’s core and protect the atmosphere from solar particles.  

These naturally occurring fields create EMF that is necessary for life on earth[1]. 

Along with naturally occurring EMFs, however, are more recent manmade sources of EMF. For example, everyday devices like your cell phone, computer, microwave, and Smart appliances all emit electromagnetic fields. And when you step outside, powerlines, 5G towers, and any other source of electricity or power you can see are silently emitting electromagnetic frequencies into your field. 

There are two primary categories that EMFs call into, ionizing and non-ionizing. 

Non-ionizing EMFs are lower frequency energy that comes from home appliances and cell phones. Ionizing EMFs have a larger frequency and come from sources like nuclear reactions or X-rays. 

It’s well understood that ionizing radiation is strong enough to displace electrons from atoms — making it a serious threat to your cellular health[2]. However, many people overlook the potential harm that can come from non-ionizing radiation. 

Although this form of EMF is of a weaker frequency, it can still have serious health implications.

Why You Need To Protect Yourself

So, what’s the issue with EMF?

Modern society is creating more electromagnetic fields than we have ever seen before on this planet. Due to the soaring rates of new technology, our airspace is becoming flooded with frequencies that were never intended to interact with the human body. 

Our ancestors evolved on this planet with natural sources of EMF, and as such, our bodies are finely tuned to interact and function within this framework of energy. 

Today, however, we are bombarded with frequencies that our cellular makeup was never meant to handle. 

To understand how EMF impacts your body, you must first understand that your body is both electric and energetic. Tiny currents of electricity are always flowing through your system, creating impulses that animate your nervous system, heart, muscles, and more. Energetically, you not only have physical energy flowing through your body, but you have interacting fields of energy around your body, called the “biofield[3].”

Even at low frequencies, electromagnetic fields can induce currents of energy within the body. These currents can cause stimulation and imbalance in your nerves and muscles and may impact your health on a cellular level. 

Due to the rapid increase of EMF technology, many people are reporting symptoms associated with excess EMF exposure. 

Common Symptoms Of EMF Toxicity Include: 

  • Headaches
  • Insomnia
  • Fatigue
  • Brain fog
  • Anxiety
  • Mood issues
  • Irritability
  • Dizziness
  • Tingling sensation
  • Memory issues
  • Tinnitus 

The Danger Of 5G

You’ve likely been hearing a lot about 5G lately. 5G, short for fifth-generation, is a wireless network that allows for faster data rates at a shorter distance. This means that your internet and mobile devices will work at a much faster speed — which is what many people want these days. 

The problem is that 5G is a much higher frequency EMF than the generations of networks that came before it. Furthermore, due to the higher frequency, it can’t reach as wide of an area, so more 5G towers are needed for everyone to get their ultra-fast processing speed. 

Essentially, the rollout of 5G means higher frequency EMFs at a much more concentrated dose bombarding our airways. What makes this information even more alarming is that the World Health Organization has classified radio frequencies (which are emitted from 5G) as Group 2B — possible human carcinogens[4].

Serious Health Concerns Related To EMF


Some people are more sensitive to EMFs than others. Current health status can certainly play a role; if you’re already immune-compromised or dealing with other health concerns, then the toll that EMFs play on your system may be too much to handle.

With that being said, many people who are otherwise healthy experience something called electrohypersensitivity(EHS).  

EHS is characterized by a range of symptoms, with the common characteristic that they either come on or increase in the presence of EMF. 

Common symptoms of EHS include[5]:

  • Headache
  • Tinnitus
  • Dizziness
  • Balance disorder
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Vegetative nerve dysfunction
  • Reduced cognitive capability (including immediate memory loss, attention–concentration deficiency, and eventually tempo-spatial confusion)
  • Chronic insomnia
  • Fatigue
  • Depressive tendency
  • Irritability

Nervous System Dysfunction

As previously mentioned, your body is not only physical but electrical and energetic as well. A huge component of your nervous system is the electrical charges which run through it, sending messages from your brain to your body. 

Not surprisingly, research shows that electromagnetic fields can have a negative impact on the function of your nervous system. Specifically, these frequencies can induce changes in the cells of your nervous system. As a result, we may see changes in cognitive function in the areas of learning and memory[6].

Furthermore, due to your nervous system’s role in emotional regulation, research shows that EMF exposure (even at low levels) may increase feelings of depression and anxiety[7]. 

Immunity Issues

One of the biggest concerns with 5G is its role as a potential carcinogen. However, the impact of EMF on your immune system may be even more far-reaching. 

Research shows that EMF frequencies may disturb immune function through inflammatory processes as well as various allergic responses. Furthermore, tissue repair processes may be disturbed due to interference with electromagnetic frequencies. 

Oxidative stress is another immune assault that is well established in animal models when animals are exposed to electromagnetic frequencies​[8]. 

Although human clinical trials are still needed, the results of this immune disarray could leave your immune system vulnerable to attack in a variety of ways[9]. 

Fertility Issues

Fertility issues in both men and women are a great concern with EMF exposure due to the fragility of this process and the impact that these frequencies can have on cellular health. 

Research shows that EMF exposure from a WiFi-connected laptop may lower sperm motility and increase sperm DNA fragmentation in men. Given the amount of time that the average person spends on their laptop these days, this information should be setting off huge alarms[10].

Furthermore, in an animal model of fertility, researchers found that oxidative stress produced from electromagnetic frequencies may affect implantation and pregnancy in mice[8]. 

How To Protect Yourself From EMF

There are three ways to protect yourself from EMF:

  1. Combat the EMF Emitted From Your Devices
  2. Reduce Your Exposure
  3. Work With Your Body and Energy to Enhance Your Defenses 

Combat The EMF Emitted From Your Devices

A handful of EMF protectors on the market can help combat the amount of EMF coming from your devices. These items work by clearing the air around your electronics by neutralizing EMF frequencies with negative ions or absorbing the field’s frequencies. 

EMF Protecting Headphones

EMF-protecting headphones are an excellent option if you spend much of your day on your cell phone or listening to audio with earplugs on. They use hollow air tubes that emit a much lower frequency than your traditional wired headphones. In addition, they have built-in EMF protection with copper infused into the cord. 

EMF Protection Crystals 

Several crystals are known to help block and neutralize EMFs. Some examples include; black tourmaline, fulgurite, and shungite. 

Crystals can absorb electromagnetic frequencies, effectively purifying the area around them[11]. 

For this reason, many people choose to put crystals on their WiFi devices, microwaves, or other small appliances that aren’t as mobile as cell phones or tablets.

EMF Blocking Stickers

Most EMF blocking stickers are about the size of a quarter and can be placed directly on the back of your cell phone, tablet, computer, microwave, or any other small device to combat harmful EMF radiation. These protective stickers not only block EMFs but also release negative ions — which neutralize the positive ions emitted from your device.

They tend to be very lightweight and easy to place on your devices. The slender design of a sticker allows a no-fuss way to enhance your protection against EMFs. 

Reduce Your EMF Exposure

Cell Phone

  • Put it on airplane mode when you sleep or aren’t expecting a call.
  • Leave it in a separate room instead of keeping it on you all the time.
  • If you have to have the phone near you, keep it at arm’s length.
  • Avoid apps that keep you on your phone like Instagram and Facebook, or set your device to limit the amount of time spent on these apps.
  • Use an old fashion navigation system in your car instead of your maps app.
  • Only enable BlueTooth on your phone when you absolutely need it.


  • Charge your computer in a separate room, and don’t use it while it’s on the charger.
  • Set “computer hours” and give yourself several hours away from your computer after work.
  • Read paperback books instead of using a Kindle or your computer to read books.


  • Turn your WiFi off at night or when you’re not using it.
  • Avoid Smart home appliances like Smart TVs, refrigerators, and so on.
  • Use dial-up instead of WiFi; this also helps to keep your internet usage down and can help you compartmentalize your work area at home. 

Smart Meters

Smart Meters are devices that record your electrical energy and gas usage. These meters are constantly running and gathering data, and they emit a good deal of EMF in and around your home. They can emit strong EMF signals 25 miles or more.

They’re said to be more accurate than the traditional meters, which is why many electric companies have been installing them into homes.

If you have a Smart Meter in your home, you can request that your energy supplier revert back to an electric meter. But these requests are typically denied. If you do not have a smart meter yet, do not all your electric company to install one. 

If you’re unsure as to whether or not you have a Smart Meter, your energy supplier can let you know.

Work With Your Body and Energy to Enhance Your Defenses 


Grounding is the practice of getting your bare feet on the earth, and it’s one of the best ways to reduce the impact of EMFs. Also referred to as earthing, making this connection with nature helps to neutralize the positive electrical charge EMFs induce in your body, which needs to be negatively charged to work properly.

When you step on the earth, the electrons naturally occurring on the ground help balance the energy in your body. Research shows that grounding can result in better sleep and reduced stress[12].

EMFs emit such harsh frequencies that grounding simply isn’t enough to counteract them, but every little bit helps. 

Rebalance Your Energy

Grounding is a great way to combat some of the impacts of EMF, but if you want an even more powerful way to neutralize these frequencies, you must start with your own energy field

Even if you take all of the above steps, you’ll still be vulnerable to EMF exposure in the outside world as these frequencies are inescapable at this point — and only becoming more so. 

This is where the Harmoni Pendant comes in. The Harmoni Pendant is a piece of functional jewelry designed to reduce the stressful effects of electromagnetic frequencies. This device helps to combat the effects of harmful radiation and enhances the integrity of your energy field.

It does this by bringing your nervous system and biofield into a state of coherence. In coherence, your electromagnetic field and nervous system are balanced and harmonized — shielded from electromagnetic frequencies. 

Research shows that wearing a Harmoni Pendant can reduce the stressful bodily effects of harmful EMFs on average by 48%. 

What’s more, this powerful pendant has been shown to[13]:

  • Increase energy levels on average by 530%
  • Improve heart rate variability (HRV) by on average by 700% (a measure of stress)
  • Improve circadian rhythms, including your sleep/wake cycles, by an average of 160%. 

By balancing, optimizing, and strengthening the integrity of your own energy field, the Harmoni Pendant increases your resistance to EMF frequencies.

What makes the Harmoni Pendant even more powerful is the practicality of this piece of jewelry. As mentioned, EMFs are everywhere. Unless you stay in your EMF-protected home all day, you’re coming into contact with these powerful frequencies regularly. 

However, when you wear the Harmoni Pendant, you give your body and energy system an edge that allows for enhanced protection wherever you go.


There has been a lot of debate about EMFs as certain regulatory agencies have been hush-hush about the potential dangers. As we move into an era of 5G, it’s no longer a question of waiting for clinical studies and safety research — the ball is rolling, and the bombardment of EMFs is only going to continue to grow from here. 

Elon Musk owned Starlink is turning on their worldwide EMF satellite system August 1, 2021. You need to be prepared. 

Perhaps in a few years, there will be a critical mass of people saying “NO” to this technology. But where we stand now, our only hope is to self-advocate and start protecting ourselves and our families from the very serious potential harm of EMF. 

The critical first step is to reduce your exposure as much as possible. Turn off your WiFi when you’re not using it, or better yet, use a dial-up connection. Keep your devices far from your body when you don’t need them, and as much as possible, avoid “Smart” technology. 

This will help to lessen the impact of EMF that you’re exposed to daily. 

For an even more comprehensive way to combat EMF, make sure you and everyone in your family have a wearable device like the Harmoni Pendant. Unfortunately, EMFs are everywhere in our airspace. At this point, they are wholly unavoidable. 

The only way to assist in keeping your own energy field balanced is to fight fire with fire and utilize a powerful tool like the Harmoni Pendant to enhance your resistance to EMF from the inside out. 

This isn’t a time for panic but for measured and intentional living. So share this information with the people you love, and hopefully, in time, the pendulum will swing, and we can get enough people to understand the very real threats that come with 5G and the increasing levels of EMF in our environment.

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