Why I Use a PEMF Device to Replenish My Cells with Earth-Generated Frequencies

You may be wondering, “What is a PEMF device and what does it do?” As you may already know, we live in world dense with electromagnetic frequency (EMF) pollution from cell phones and towers, power lines, radio waves, WiFi, electricity, and other forms of technology that emit frequencies.

Not only is chronic exposure to EMFs damaging our health, it’s also depriving us of much-needed earth-generated pulsed electromagnetic frequencies (PEMF). But you can replenish your body’s PEMFs with a PEMF device! I explain how in this article…

What you’ll learn in this article:

  • The earth and its ionosphere generate pulsed electromagnetic frequencies (PEMFs) that our bodies depend on for optimal health and wellness. This was discovered in the first space programs.
  • Powerful man-made EMF pollution from Wifi, cell phones and cell phone towers, radio waves, electricity etc. drown out the more delicate and wide variety of earth-generated PEMFs.
  • We are further deprived of PEMFs because we live in buildings and on concrete and asphalt and do not spend enough time outdoors barefoot.
  • A PEMF deficiency robs cells of optimal function and may lead to  health disorders.
  • Fortunately, we can replenish our cells with PEMFs through PEMF devices that mimic the earth’s PEMFs.
  • I recommend the Pure Wave Now PEMF device, the first PEMF device made in the world more than 40 years ago and the leader in research and innovation.

The earth and the atmosphere produce a wide range of gentle PEMFs that are necessary for healthy function of the body.

The first space programs taught us that the human body needs earth-generated EMFs as much as it needs food, air, and water. Today’s astronauts wear suits that pulse with magnetic fields that mimic the earth’s PEMFS.

The earth and its ionosphere emit a wide variety of gentle pulsed electromagnetic frequencies, which our cells rely on to stay charged for healthy function. However, manmade EMFs overwhelm the earth’s natural PEMFs, and we are cut off from them by buildings, concrete, and asphalt. 

What’s worse, the earth’s natural PEMFs have declined 50 to 65 percent in the last 2,000 years, further contributing to magnetic-field deficiency.

A PEMF deficiency makes us more susceptible to pain, poor sleep, and other health imbalances. In fact, in Japan, which embraces PEMF science and technology as part of health care, refers to fibromyalgia as a “magnetic field deficiency syndrome!” (1)

How to Replenish Your Body with Earth-Generated PEMFs

So how do we replenish our cells with vital PEMFs? I and many people have noticed a significant improvement in how we feel and function by using a PEMF device. This is a mat you lie on one or two times a day for a few minutes that pulses a wide variety of natural frequencies into your body. These frequencies are calibrated to be the same as the many frequencies naturally emitted by the earth and its atmosphere. They effortlessly penetrate the body and stimulate the cells to produce more energy, clear waste and debris, absorb nutrients and oxygen, and regenerate. 

By supplying your body with PEMF frequencies, not only do you help your cells recharge and function better, you also help detox your body from harmful man-made EMF pollution.

Studied Benefits of PEMF Therapy

PEMF therapy is not some fringe woo therapy. It is used by astronauts, athletes, and in medical applications. Although only a few medical applications have been studied, there are thousands of user case studies on how PEMF therapy has dramatically improved quality of life for people suffering from chronic health disorders.

Here are some of the proven benefits of PEMF therapy:

  • It reduces pain and swelling (2)
  • It reduces pain (3)
  • It helps reduce arthritis symptoms (4)
  • It is widely known and used to speed the healing of bone fractures and regenerating bone (5)
  • It regenerates nerve fibers (6)
  • It helps prevent the breakdown of cartilage in osteoarthrits (7)
  • It helps improve tendonitis (8)

If you ask the many people who use PEMF devices in their homes, or the clinics in other countries that use them as a routine part of care, you would learn that PEMF benefits extend well beyond the conditions that have been studied.

But because the FDA does not allow people to make medical claims, I will only say that when you improve the health of the body at the cellular level, the possibilities are endless when it comes to improving health conditions. That’s because everything happens at a cellular level.

Which PEMF Device is the Best?

If you look online, there are many PEMF devices, including a number of multi-level marketing brands. It can be a confusing and overwhelming market to research, especially because the science of electromagnetic frequencies is so unfamiliar to most of us. After exhaustively studying this topic myself, I’m going to tell you which PEMF device I decided to buy and why I’m recommending it to you.

I use the German-manufactured Pure Wave Now PEMF device because they were the first makers of PEMF devices on the planet and they have invested millions of dollars into PEMF research over the years. PEMF technology has more than 2,000 studies conducted over 40 years backing it up and showing its many health benefits.

I Chose the Pure Wave Now PEMF Device Over Other Brands for the Following Reasons:

#1. The Pure Wave Now PEMF device offers the largest variety of frequencies and the lowest amplitudes, which are measured in gauss. Having the lowest amplitude may not seem like a benefit. In fact, most PEMF brands will brag they have higher amplitudes. While it’s true that in a clinical setting a high-powered PEMF can be therapeutic for the muscles and bones, it can also be dangerous if used improperly. 

Also, we are concerned with addressing cellular health. Our cells are very active running multiple metabolic processes. They contain mitochondria, which are the energy factories in each cell that determine how well we feel and function. Cell membranes must interact with multiple chemicals and compounds in the body while constantly responding to your environment and input from your brain. 

They must take in nutrients and oxygen and expel waste and debris. In fact, blood cell analysis shows that in just five minutes of using the Pure Wave Now PEMF device, blood cells clumped together unstick, thus making it easier for them to flow and circulate. 

In other words, cellular function is a very complex and finely orchestrated process that we don’t want to hammer with a powerful instrument. Instead, we can use PEMF therapy to “massage” our cells into better health. These are some of the reasons I prefer the lower amplitude frequencies of the Pure Wave Now PEMF device over other brands that pride themselves on power. People have been overstimulated and become sick using a device that is too powerful. 

#2. While a PEMF device is designed to detox us of EMF pollution while replenishing our cells with natural PEMFs, it is an electrical device. Some PEMF devices tested with an EMF meter actually put out a high level of EMFs. You don’t want one of these! 

The Pure Wave Now PEMF device took this into consideration in their design and has created the lowest EMF device on the market. This makes it extremely safe for even the most sensitive to EMFs.

#3. The Pure Wave Now PEMF device is one of the easiest PEMF devices to use. PEMF devices are typically thick vinyl-covered mats that you lie on once or twice a day. Most are somewhat stiff and rectangular and fold in half for storage and transport. They are large and bulky — not something you could bring on a flight or stuff into a packed car for a road trip. Because it’s a thick pad, it is not comfortable to spend the night on and it wouldn’t really work on your mattress. 

The Pure Wave Now PEMF device, on the other hand, has been engineered for maximum comfort, convenience, and durability. It is a soft and flexible mat with a cotton interior that you can use on your bed. Many people put theirs under the mattress pad and sleep on it overnight. There are reports from users who noted improved sleep quality with their sleep-tracking devices.

#4. Taking into consideration their customers’ sensitivities and quest for optimal health, Pure Wave Now PEMF device developed their mats to be non-toxic. They do not off gas a smell that would make it hard for chemically sensitive people to use. Many mats are encased in a vinyl cover.

#5. The Pure Wave Now PEMF device offers PEMF goggles. Many people use the Pure Wave Now PEMF device eye goggles to activate and stimulate their eye tissue and the tissue and bone around their eyes. Again, medical claims cannot be made as no studies have been conducted, however, you can read testimonials [here]

How to Use the Pure Wave Now PEMF Device

The great thing about the Pure Wave Now PEMF device is how easy it is to use. You just lie on it! Experts recommend lying on it twice a day for at least 10 minutes per session. You should not exceed 1.5 hours of use a day.

People typically feel results 8 to 12 hours after use, although cumulative improvements can also be felt over time. 

For maximum comfort, simply place it under your mattress pad on your bed and program it to come on while you’re still in bed in the morning. You can set it to “VItal” mode to wake you up and then “Relax” mode to help you unwind before you go to sleep. During the day you can recharge with a short session in “Basis” mode.

People also use the different settings for different goals. For instance, you can also use the Vital mode before a workout or before you get into a detoxifying infrared sauna for better results, and the Relax mode if you are feeling stressed out.

What’s Included with the Pure Wave Now PEMF Device

Mat. The most common way the Pure Wave Now PEMF device is used is with the full body mat, to deliver PEMFs to your entire body quickly and easily. You can use the mat on various settings depending on your desired outcome.

Pillow. It also comes with a smaller pillow-sized mat that you can use for more local applications, such as your lower back, a shoulder, or wrapped around a knee. Because you’re treating a smaller area, you can use the pillow for longer periods than the mat. 

Pen. The pen delivers much more concentrated PEMFs to a very small area, such as the knuckles, jaw, wounds, or to stimulate acupuncture points. People also use the pen for urovaginal and prostrate applications.

Goggles. The goggles deliver PEMF directly to the tissue in and around the eyes. People find this helpful to improve symptoms associated with sinusitis, dry eyes, bags under the eyes, vision, and ant-aging. However, these are not medical claims and simply a compilation of user reports. 

Headphones. The headphones deliver PEMF to the ears, which people find has helped relieve symptoms associated with tinnitus, ear damage, and other issues related to the ears. It may also help detox the area of EMF pollution from cell phone use.

To learn more about the Pure Wave Now PEMF device, just click here.

To learn more about Pure Wave Now and their other products, just go here.

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