#110 How to Increase Your Metabolism with Dan O’Beirne

Dan O’Beirne came on the podcast to teach us all how we can increase our metabolism. If you are tirelessly trying to increase our metabolism, Dan gives you all the tips and tricks to do it!

With so many people overweight, and the numbers still rising, this is clearly something our entire population is struggling to control.


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About Dan O’Beirne

Dan O’Beirne of Metabolicmotivation.com  has worked as a wellness coach for over 20 years, coaching NFL and NBA players in Miami, working in “medical weight loss” on cruise lines, seminars, fat loss and fitness training at hospital-based Wellness Centers in the USA,  food & wine industry consulting in South America and luxury active adventure travel in Europe.  Dan has a bachelor of science degree in Health and Human Performance, post-graduate coursework in psychology and exercise science, and a number of professional certifications.

Dan launched his wellness site Metabolicmotivation.com to help people to live better, happier, healthier lives with both primal health strategies, positive psychology and modern bio-hacks.

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