#146 The Real Truth about Natural Thyroid Care with Jen Springer

Jen Springer advocates for people to take control of their own health as she healed her thyroid naturally. She comes on the podcast to dispel common myths about natural thyroid care.

So many people suffer from poor thyroid function for a full range of reasons! Jen discusses issues with:

  • Thyroid testing interpretation
  • Proper Thyroid supplementation
  • The effects of nutrition on your thyroid function
  • To iodine or not iodine if you have Hashimoto’s
  • Grave’s disease


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It’s all about giving you the tools to understand thyroid health and the underlying causes of these issues. Learn how to heal your thyroid naturally!

About Jen Springer

Jen has been immersed in natural health since 2001.  She has pursued education in bodywork, nutrition, and herbology. Jen has taught thousands of people over the years on natural health for family wellness, pets, and even gardening! Empowering people with knowledge and tools to take back their health is her mission and passion.

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