#207 Adrenal Fatigue Vs. Chronic Fatigue with Ari Whitten

Ari Whitten talks to us this week calling into question the existence of adrenal fatigue and his theories behind fatigue.  Tired? You MUST tune in!

What You’ll Learn

Tune into today’s podcast to hear all about:

  • How the science calls into question the existence of adrenal fatigue
  • The actual cause of fatigue
  • How ‘adrenal fatigue’ and chronic fatigue share the exact same symptoms
  • How to shock your body into increasing the number of your mitochondria
  • Ari’s program for increasing energy


Click here for the full transcript for #207 Adrenal Fatigue Vs. Chronic Fatigue with Ari Whitten

About Ari Whitten

Ari Whitten is the author of the #1 Amazon bestselling book Forever Fat Loss and the creator of the Energy Blueprint System.  He is a fitness and nutrition expert with a Bachelor’s of Science from San Diego State University in Kinesiology.  He holds two advanced certifications from the National Academy of Sports Medicine and recently completed coursework for his PhD in Clinical Psychology, an education which rounds out all aspects- nutrition, fitness, and psychology- of his approach to optimal health.  He has been working with people to improve their health and body composition for over a decade.

Ari is a tireless researcher who has obsessively devoted the last two decades of his life to the pursuit of being on the cutting-edge of the science on health, fitness, and nutrition.  For the last three years, he’s been working with the most brilliant scientist and physicians on the plant to develop the most comprehensive program in the world on the science of overcoming fatigue and increasing energy – The Energy Blueprint.



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