#209 All About The Revolutionary MiHealth PEMF Handheld Device With Cyril Bourke

#209 All About The Revolutionary MiHealth PEMF Handheld Device With Cyril Bourke

Cyril Bourke talks to us this week about a PEMF device called a miHealth and how it can revolutionize your health and approach to health issues.

What You’ll Learn

Tune into today’s podcast to hear all about:

  • How a miHealth addresses stress and mental health issues
  • What is PEMF technology
  • How information can be transmitted to our bodies on global scalar waves
  • How to use a miHealth to help your pets
  • Guiding miHealth protocols with a NES Bioenergetic scan


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About Cyril Bourke

Cyril Bourke became, CEO of NES Health Pty Ltd in  2014, became involved with the complementary health industry after suffering a combination of long term chronic and acute illnesses, after exhausting his options available within the main-stream medical he found dramatic health improvements from energetic complementary alternative therapy. Cyril was so impressed that he changed his career from engineering to energetic healthcare.

Cyril now brings his understandings of science (Industrial and Electronic Engineer) to the leading edge of health care and delivers therapy and practitioner training with enthusiasm and passion.  Cyril is also a RITM SCENAR Institute recognized trainer (2009-2014) as well as a NES Health Practitioner and trainer.  He is an inspirational trainer and motivator to therapists, excelling in technical and practical delivery of therapy.

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