#511 The Science of Water and Maximizing Hydration with MJ Pangman

We are excited to have MJ Pangman on today’s Myers Detox Podcast to share her powerful knowledge of water derived from over twenty years of research. She is a writer and natural scientist who has authored or ghost-written several books for doctors, naturopaths and inventors.

Pangman will explain how she came to her passion for water. She will share how you can benefit from structured water and its many applications, from oral consumption to eye-washing. She will describe how to access structured water and how to bring other elements into water to derive the maximum health benefit. You will be inspired to commune with nature, where structured water is naturally available.

Let MJ Pangman take you to a new level of understanding about water in the info packed episode!

On Today’s Podcast, You’ll Learn:

  • What structured water is and how to access it. Consumption of structured water and creating opportunities for exposure supports cells and DNA integrity.
  • The advantages of communing with nature to experience structured water and its benefit to your health.
  • What minerals to add to structured water to enhance its benefits. Ormus is showing promising results in new research.
  • About biofeedback research that MJ Pangman did on Watt-Ahh, which showed a significant positive health response on its own and with added minerals.
  • How to experience the various applications of structured water for both consumption and exposure. For example, exposing eyes to structured water is showing promise as an ophthalmology treatment, demonstrating an improvement in vision.
  • The results of biofeedback research on Watt-Ahh, a structured water available only on Amazon.
  • About MJ Pangman’s recently-updated book, Dancing with Water (second edition) and how you can get it.


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About MJ Pangman:

MJ Pangman is a writer and natural scientist who has authored or ghost-written a number of books for doctors, naturopaths and inventors. She has a Master’s degree in plant science and a love of the natural sciences.

In the 1990s she became fascinated with water as a vehicle for the transmission of energy and information, and as a conscious participant in the dance of life. And since that time, her research has focused on the significance of liquid crystalline phase of water. Her book, Dancing with Water, written with Melanie Evans and now in its second edition, is a guide to understanding and revitalizing water. It establishes both the scientific basis and the spiritual wisdom surrounding water. Pangman is committed to helping others gain an appreciation for water’s multifaceted role in life on this planet, and helping others connect with water on a deeper and more conscious level for health and wellbeing.

You can learn more about MJ and her work at dancingwithwater.com.


Earth’s Thunderstorm in a Bottle

Thunderstorms replenish the Earth with electrons (negative charges) that support life’s critical balance. Imagine capturing a thunderstorm in a bottle for ultimate health and energy.

Self-described energy and health geeks discovered this restorative energy drink. The crystalline-like structure of Watt-Ahh® contains a reservoir of electrons to defend against oxidative stress, premature aging and inflammation.

Watt-Ahh® is refreshing, great tasting water. There are no sugars, caffeine or other additives. Watt-Ahh® is pure water – the way Nature intended.

It is difficult to unplug from our hectic world. We are exposed to unhealthy positive charges everyday – such as those we receive from cell phones, computers, air pollution and even the secondary effects of certain foods and prescribed drugs we consume.

These can contribute to an imbalance within the body, what we call Oxidative Stress. Oxidative Stress is the source of inflammation, premature aging and disease. Negative charges or electrons offset these adverse effects.

The unique stable structure of ultra-pure Watt-Ahh® is rich in electrons that can minimize the adverse effects of Oxidative Stress.

To learn more about this transformative  beverage or to purchase some, click here!

Dancing with Water

Dancing with Water is an engaging and well-referenced guide designed for anyone interested in understanding and revitalizing their water. It introduces the “New Science of Water,” leading the way to a more complete understanding of water’s liquid crystalline phase and of its biological significance. The authors have kept the lay reader in mind as they explain complex subjects in easy-to-understand language. Dancing with Water is the long-needed reference, providing credibility for many ideas and practices that have long been viewed with skepticism.

It discusses the memory-retentive ability of liquid crystalline water and its ability to transmit energy and information. The book provides insight into the effects of electromagnetic fields, crystals, salts, and the importance of the gases in water. It is a guide intended to educate and enlighten the reader. Part I lays the foundation and the scientific basis. Part II provides instructions so that anyone can naturally treat, structure, energize, and revitalize their water.

Dancing with Water will open your eyes. Whether you are a water enthusiast, a health practitioner, a scientist, or a lover of the natural sciences, Dancing with Water will guide you as you enter a unique and inspiring new relationship with water.

To learn more or get your copy, click here.

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