#54 General Leigh’s Fitness Philosophy

General Leigh Lowery talks to Wendy this week on the Live to 110 Podcast about her fitness philosophy. She dicusses what you need to do to stay in shape and her beliefs about weight loss and diet.


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About Leigh Lowery

My name is Leigh Lowery AKA General Leigh.  I got the nickname from my little sister because even as a young girl I was always an alpha-female.

I love a good challenge and I believe if you set your goals and take action – great things will come!!

My name is Leigh Lowery aka General Leigh.  I am a certified personal trainer in Los Angeles, Ca and international fitness competitor.  I attended the University of Arizona. Post- college I worked for CBS Television Stations in Miami, Dallas and Los Angeles for 14 years as an Advertising Executive.  My love for fitness took me out of TV and brought me here…NOW…to you!

A brief history… I have been a Television Advertising Executive for the past 13 years with CBS in Miami, LA, and Dallas. My roles varied through the years from being an account executive to production, promotions, account services, and management.

The truth is I loved my career, but felt that I hadn’t followed the deeper passion that was living within me. So I took the step off the ledge and the NET appeared.  I followed my passion into healthy living and fitness.  First things first, I put down all the things that contributed to an unhealthy lifestyle: alcohol, fast food, etc… and picked up healthy habits, like sleeping more, eating nutritional foods and drinking water!!  I entered into the Nasm Certified Personal Training program and I started doing all the research on the internet that I could. And here I am!

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