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The Modern Paleo Diet is a modern take on the traditional Paleo diet. We would never have survived as a species had we not adapted to new foods! There is no need to cut out perfectly nutritious modern foods like dairy, legumes, potatoes and non-gluten grains simply because cavemen could not enjoy them.

This idea is too simplistic and frankly outdated. Many don’t do well on a low carb diet like Paleo. My new book, The Modern Paleo Survival Guide (MPSG) delves into detail about what foods are perfectly fine to eat on a Modern Paleo diet. It also details how and why to identify food sensitivities, foods to which you have not adapted. The Modern Paleo diet is all about adding modern nutrient dense foods to your diet that work for you individually.


Modern Paleo is my version of the Paleo diet based upon the latest research on diet and nutrition. I can only advocate the diet that will meet all the nutrient requirements for humans – the Paleo diet. The human race has thrived on this diet for millions of years, thus our bodies have evolved to require the nutrients in this diet to function optimally.

The Modern Paleo diet is what I believe to be the most nutrient dense diet on earth. It’s no longer enough to tell people to “eat more fruits and vegetables” or eat grass fed meat. Paleo provides a template. The Modern Paleo Survival Guide takes this template to the next level by providing a clear guide on which foods are the most nutrient dense Modern Paleo foods.

What the traditional Paleo diet does not take into account is that many foods that once were healthy are are no longer healthy today. An alarming amount of produce is largely devoid of nutrients because it is grown in nutrient poor soil. Fish and shellfish are teeming with heavy metal toxicity. The Modern Paleo Survival Guide provides a break down of each food group, including each fruit and vegetable, so you know exactly which foods will maximally nourish your body while delivering the least toxicity. 

Then there’s the issue of food sensitivity. I believe it unnecessary to tell people to eat a traditional Paleo diet because many have adapted to new foods in our environment since Paleolithic times. The ones that have not adapted to certain foods have what is called a food sensitivity, which cause all kinds of health issues, even mimicking disease. It is vitally important for your health to identify the foods that don’t work for your body. Thus, you can design your own Paleo template.

Enjoy these articles and podcasts that give you a preview of my new book and my ideas on the Modern Paleo diet.


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